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KID Abolitionist

A Family Friendly Guide to Teaching Kids about Modern-Day Slavery

“Sheila, I want to teach my kids about modern-day slavery. But, I don’t know where to start. Is it too hard of a topic?”

No, it isn’t. You can start with simple concepts and build from there.

Families want to be involved in helping end modern-day slavery, but nonprofits actively working to end slavery are often ill-equipped to provide information and ACTIONABLE items that families can do.

This is where KID Abolitionist provides support.

Starting here, you can find resources to use with your kids, that are family friendly, to start building awareness for your family on this fast growing crime.

This course provides:

  • 6 family friendly lessons that introduce the topic, present the story of child labor in a kid appropriate way, discuss reasons why modern-day slavery exists, how to put safeguards in place for your family, and how families can take steps to end modern-day slavery.
  • Fun ways to connect with authors writing the stories that kids can read about children experiencing modern-day slavery. This connection helps kids see need and how to respond in a different way.
  • 5 weeks of support from Sheila through a private Facebook group. This is a chance to really gain her help in customizing your families experience with the content.
  • Videos that help teach your kids and extend the conversation in safe but meaningful ways.
  • Handy and easy to use printables that you can download and print, all designed to support YOUR family.
  • Real ideas and methods to start teaching your kids from a young age on how to shun entitlement and become compassionate problem-solvers.
  • Resource sections of curated content so that YOU don't have to go looking for great ideas. We've done the work for you and gathered it all in one place. Sweet!
  • And, meaningful introductions to nonprofits already doing the work to end modern-day slavery.

The material is hands-on, relevant, and will be sure to engage your kids and YOU in being actionable with a topic that is almost always overwhelming.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to participate in a proven course that NO ONE else is offering to families!

Your Instructor

Sheila Sjolseth
Sheila Sjolseth

Sheila brings to life acts of kindness and service projects that kids can do. In her daily adventures of serving with her young boys, she has witnessed the awesome things that happen when kids serve others. She started serving daily with her kids in 2012, when they were 3 and 5 years old. What started as a way to teach her kids empathy has transitioned to a way of life and a connection with thousands of others.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Special Education from The University of Texas at Austin and her Masters of Education in Learning and Teaching from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has taught in a variety of settings, and, along each step of the way, she worked with parents and students to improve parenting and learning skills.

Known for her innovative teaching skills and ability to reach even the "hardest to reach" student, Sheila's professional background is rooted in applying best teaching practices while addressing the needs of the student.

As an educator and professional with 20 years of experience in working with children and parents, she truly believes that teaching kids to be kind results in a happier family. Sheila is also a Daily Point of Light Winner because of her contributions to family volunteerism and community service.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course goes LIVE on April 17th and will close on May 19th. No need to "stay with the group" if you need more time with a section or are ready to move ahead. During that time, you will have access to printables, tips, and resources that you can download and keep FOREVER!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
100% Kindness Happiness Guaranteed! "I want each of our families to feel confident that they are receiving valuable, quality, and timely strategies and information to raise kind kids. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns." Sheila Our goal is to make sure you are happy with the resources and courses you experience. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact Sheila in the first 14 days and she will give you a full refund.
Can I sign up and pay now before it starts?
Yes! We'll contact you the day before class starts with a reminder email!
When do I register and pay?
Register and pay now! The day before class starts, Sheila will send you a reminder email. We will all get started on April 17th. (On Kick-off Day, Sheila always has something fun up her sleeve!)
Can I invite others to join the class? I want to do this with a friend.
Of course! The more the merrier! Just send them the link to the course so that they can register. Once they register and pay the course fee, they can jump right on in with this session of the course.
How do I find the private Facebook group?
We've made it easy for you. Once you register and pay the course fee, an email will be sent to you with the link to the Facebook group. Additionally, a link to the group will be posted on each curriculum page. If you ever have problems, please reach out!

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