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2017 Virtual Kindness Summer Camp

​Join us in getting your kids active with acts of kindness and service projects this summer!

Reality is that we hear the phrase "I'm bored" way too often during 'down time' of holidays or summer break!

Instead of the parents (that's us) working trying to fill the day, let's get our kids working on helping others and being kind. As we do acts of kindness, gratitude grows, entitlement diminishes, and kindness ripples out into the community. Total win for everyone here!

Each day for 4 weeks, you will have access to videos, acts of kindness prompts, and tips and know-how from experienced Kindness Camp Counselors. Use these ideas with your own kids or gather the neighborhood together for a good time in helping others.

Topics for the Upcoming 2017 Virtual Kindness Summer Camp include:

Summer Acts of Kindness

Helping the Homeless

Reaching Out to the Elderly

Crafty Acts of Kindness

Parenting with Kindness

And More!

Additionally, campers that enroll in the Virtual Kindness Summer Camp will have access to give-aways through the course as well as a private Facebook group where we can connect, ask questions, share ideas, and cheer each other on in our mission to raise kind kids.

Engaged kids, more kindness, happier families!

Jump on in and let's get our kids doing good this summer with acts of kindness.


Frequently Asked Questions

When do I register and pay?
Sign-up now to receive more information once the registration period goes "live" which will be in April 2017. You don't pay anything right now!
But, I am going on travel for part of that time. What do I do?
You can always do acts of kindness on the go, while you are traveling. In fact, it makes everyone's behavior better to put a Kindness Road Trip in action. For your convenience and because we want you to have a Summer of Kindness, the Virtual Kindness Summer Camp curriculum and private Facebook group will be available through the end of August. Yes, the Kindness Camp Counselors will be available as well. If you need to pause your kindness camping experience, jump right back in when you are ready!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
100% Kindness Happiness Guaranteed! Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns." Our goal is to make sure you are happy with the resources and courses you experience. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact Sheila in the first 14 days and she will give you a full refund. Your feedback can only make our content and support better for busy families putting kindness action in place.

Your Instructor

Kindness Camp Counselors
Kindness Camp Counselors

Michelle: Trust Me, I'm a Mom

Michelle is the mother to two young girls and a leader in motivating moms to serve with their kids. She is crafty and creative as she recognizes and works to help meet the needs in her community. Through her projects and through her site, she provides a voice to support families that have children living with speech development concerns and to moms everywhere that need a lift and encouragement.

Sheila: Pennies of Time: Teach Kids to Serve

Sheila brings to life acts of kindness and service projects that kids can do and mentors families to build kindness habits that raise kind kids. In her daily adventures of serving with her young boys, she has witnessed the awesome things that happen when kids serve others. She started serving daily with her kids in 2012, when they were 3 and 5 years old. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Special Education from The University of Texas at Austin and her Masters of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has taught in a variety of settings from a classroom in small town Texas, to a psychiatric unit in Chicago, to the US Department of Education. As an educator and professional with 20 years of experience in working with children and parents, she truly believes that teaching kids to be kind results in a happier family.

Kindness Camp Counselors will be added to the teaching roster.

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